Institute for advanced energy technologies "Nicola Giordano" (ITAE)

Research activities

The research activities which are underway embody those sectors in which an R&D activity on components and/or materials prevails with medium and long-term objectives for next generation devices. In addition to these, there are other model-based engineering sectors related to the application and optimization of devices and prototype systems. The two kinds of activities interact in such a way as to provide useful and efficient data which could accelerate the achievement of the objectives. In particular, today the lines of research developed are hereby briefly listed:

o Fuel-cells
o Hydrogen and environmentally friendly fuels
o Storage and rational use of energy
o Integration of new technologies with renewables

Alongside the implementation of R&D activities relevant to the four above-mentioned lines of research, in order to boost the dissemination of new technologies, the Institute carries out also activities of support services as follows:
o Study of normative
o Assessment of socio-economic impact
o Project counselling
o Technology transfer

These activities are inserted in the CNR research activities by "research modules" that are coordinate inside of "commesse", that are parts of "research projects" coordinated by CNR departments.