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In 1979, he started his collaboration with the University of Messina, Faculty of Industrial Chemistry, and with the National Council of Researches Institute of Chemical Processes for Energy Transformation and Storage, in the field of processes for energy transformation, chemical processes for energy storage and fuel cells.
In the period from:
1985-2000 he covered the role of researcher in the CNR-Institute of Chemical Processes for Energy Transformation and Storage" where he was active in the field of Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells with main regard to components decay mechanisms and development of reforming submodules.
2001-2013, he was research manager in charge of National Council of Researches Institute of Advanced Technologies for Energy "N. Giordano". Processes for hydrogen production from alcohols, up-grading of biofuels and exhaust industrial solvents, high temperature fuel cells (Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells) represent his main sector of scientific interest.
2003-2010 he was contract professor to the University of Messina, faculty of naval engineering, course of Naval propulsion systems.
2005-2013, he was Project manager and responsible of CNR-ITAE's project "Centre for new energetic technology testing and industrial promotion".
At present, he covers the position of director of CNR-Institute of Advanced Technologies for Energy "N. Giordano".
The up dated scientific production consists of 150 manuscripts, scientific papers, communications at international congresses and industrial patents.

Selected publications
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