Institute for the history of philosophical and scientific thought in modern age (ISPF)


The Institute for the History of Philosophy and Science in Modern Age arose in 2002 from the merging of the "Center for Studies on Philosophy and Science in XVI and XVII Century" in Milan (CSPF, 1971) and the "Center for Vico Studies" in Naples (CSV 1984), which had already assimilated the researchers of the extinguished "Center for Studies on Contemporary Philosophy" in Genua (CSFC, 1969). The merging of these different competences allowed an enhancement of their common goal of fostering and promoting the production of editions of classical texts, by means of an adequate enlargement of the chronological and thematic range of the historical-philosophical research.
Based on a common methodological grounding on a living and at the same time rigorous approach to philosophical and scientific texts, the challenge of the new Institute has been to widen the diffusion of this heritage both by more traditional paper forms of publishing and by experimenting the new possibilities of electronic publishing via world wide web.
The commitment to the dissemination and promotion of the philosophical and scientific heritage is accomplished through many scientific activities, in collaboration with national and international scientific institutions, and is enriched by an intense relationship with our hosting universities, by means of specialist didactical activities, and with schools, in order to spread the interest for these forms of culture among the new generations.