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Currently, ISTEC, belonging to the CNR Department of Chemical Science and Materials Technology, is the only CNR structure in Italy with long-term research programs on the whole range of ceramic materials.
The Institute's activities, consistent with the mission of the National Research Council of Italy, deal with: research and initiatives to support high level scientfic activity, technological innovation, teaching and training, exploitation and dissemination of results.
Research activities are directed to innovation in materials and processes in response to the emerging needs of industry, science and culture, in the various fields of application.
Topics range from the basic study and characterization of powders and materials, to the development and innovation of production processes.
The aim of the studies is the control of properties and performance of devices using ceramic process control and engineering of materials for specific applications.
Through the development of new processes, including nanotechnology, new materials are developed and engineered and new solutions are proposed to innovate traditional products and also to provide them with new functions and new performances.

1)Research activity, with reference to the following major areas:
Ceramics for High-technology Industrial Applications,
Innovation in materials for building and constructions,
Functionalization of Surfaces by Nano-ceramics,
Biomaterials for Nanomedicine and Regenerative Medicine,
Ceramics for Energy and Environment,
Ceramics for mechatronics and electro-mechanical applications,
Restoration and Conservation of Cultural Heritage.

2) Education and Training: ISTEC is involved initiatives in higher education, collaboration and support for teaching and training at all levels.

3) Technology transfer and valorization of the results to assist industries

4) International collaborations and relations.