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Director of Research with the National Research Council. Since 1989, Tommaso Moramarco has been conducting research in the field of hydrological processes addressed to the flood forecasting and hydraulic risk mitigation into a context of global change. He has developed works in these areas producing a great number of contributions in the leading hydrologic and hydraulic journals. In particular, his works include 1)hydro-meteorological monitoring by ground and satellite observations, 2)synthesis of the effects of spatial variability in hydraulic quantities and scaling, 3) rainfall spatial distribution analysis, 4)entropy theory applied to natural channels, 5)modeling of overland flow over hillslopes, 6)modeling of surface water over watersheds, 7)flood forecasting and landslides alert, 8) hydraulic risk, 9) climate change, 10) drought, 11) safety of dams, 12) artificial neural networks and genetic algorithm. In this context, he delivered lectures and directed PhD theses and M.Sc. theses. He is a tutor of research grants and scholarships working in the hydrology applied research areas. Since 2001, he has been playing a leading role in the hydrologic research at IRPI and he has been coordinator and scientific responsible of projects on hydro-meteorological monitoring, flood forecasting and hydraulic risk in the frame of Italian and European programs. This allowed him to establish the Hydrology Group at IRPI Perugia by having successful in securing 18 research grants of which six are currently permanent researcher at IRPI. The scientific activity of the Hydrology Group is well acknowledged by the National and International Scientific Community. In 2018 he was appointed as Coordinator of CNR's Strategic Area "Natural Risks, Anthropogenic Impacts and Environmental Technologies". Finally Dr. Moramarco has advised Authorities for establishing measures for flooding protection also addressed to the forward planning. He published more than 150 papers on ISI journals.