Institute for microelectronics and microsystems (IMM)


IMM develops cutting-edge processes and technologies to create micro-nano devices and electronic and photonic sensors for applications in numerous sectors, such as energy, environment, bio-medicine, agritech, space, telecommunications, transport, neuromorphic and quantum computation. Our activities range from basic research (synthesis, modelling, characterization of advanced materials and processes) to enterprise innovation (prototyping, technology transfer to companies, promotion of start-ups). IMM supports its research activities with funding derived from numerous national and international projects in collaboration with important research centres, companies, public institutions, and universities. In particular, IMM participates in public calls for European Grants of particular relevance, such as the ERC and Horizon Europe programs. The Institute's activities are supported by the Italian Regions of Sicilia, Emilia Romagna, Puglia, Lombardia and Lazio. These initiatives go well beyond pure economic support. Indeed, these regional organisms have started an analytical process aimed at identifying the research demand necessary to further develop the local economic activities. A number of Technological Districts have hence been established; IMM is for example a member of the Technological Districts "Micro and Nanosystems'' in Sicily and "High Technology Network" in Emilia Romagna. The role of IMM also includes the training of Bachelor, Master, and PhD students, in collaboration with neighbouring universities. IMM is also engaged in outreach activities, with the aim of disseminating research results to society and, in particular, to schools of all levels.