Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry and Energy Technologies (ICMATE)

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Prof.ssa LIDIA ARMELAO Direttore

Phone number: 049 8295851


c/o Area della di Ricerca di Padova
Corso Stati Uniti, 4 - 35127 Padova (PD)
Phone number: 049 8295851 - 049 8275236
Fax: 049 8295853 - 049 8275227



Research efforts are directed towards the chemical processing of functional nanomaterials, which interface chemistry, materials science, physics and engineering. Research activities are focused in the strategic areas of advanced manufacturing and emerging technologies, energy efficiency and sustainability, and nanomedicine. We design and perform non-conventional synthesis of innovative compounds and nanosystems, functional surfaces, and materials of inorganic, hybrid and metallic nature. We combine advanced characterization techniques with theoretical and experimental competences to predict and correlate the compositional and structural characteristics of compounds, nanoscale systems and materials to their functional micro- and macro-properties, and performances. Our strength originates from having multidisciplinary expertises and from being geographically spread. With four offices in different Italian regions, we are a distributed network of laboratories, present also at the University of Padova, and competences. This allows us to work actively in the regional territories, able to increase competences, create synergies and promote smart specializations. This fosters consulting activities to public institutions and business, and transfer of knowledge to relevant stakeholders. We disseminate knowledge and give contribution to educational programmes and scientific formation.

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