Institute of molecular bioimaging and physiology (IBFM)


Within the Institute:
o Computer Service (Segrate): management, maintenance, upgrade of electronic instrumentation, software, network, mad services relating to the Research Area ArmMi4 (G Manfredi).
o Scientific secretary (Segrate): coordination activities for a structured collection and organization of data in a data base of IBFM scientific production, as a prerequisite for an effective programming task. It works as a liaison between IBFM headquarters, UOS and collaborating Institutions (L Bonaldi)

Advanced web based e-services for:
- automatic segmentation of the human brainstem from morphological T1-weighted magnetic resonance images ( (A.Cerasa)
Customer: Institute of Neurology, Policlinico Magna Grecia, Catanzaro
- diagnosis of neurodegenerative disease by Statistical Parametric Mapping (SPM) of 18FDG PET brain studies ( (I Castiglioni)
Customers: H S Raffaele Milano; H S Raffaele Giglio Cefalù; H S Anna Como; Clinical Center Serbia-Policlinic Visegradaska, Belgrade, Serbia; Universiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang, Malaysia
- Semiautomatic extraction of Standardized Uptake Value (SUV) from 18FDG PET whole body studies (I Castiglioni)
Customers: H S Raffaele, Milano; H S Raffaele Giglio, Cefalù
- prognosis of breast cancer by Standardized Uptake Value (SUV) from 18FDG PET breast studies ( (I Castiglioni)
Customers:H S Raffaele Milano; H S Raffaele Giglio Cefalù
- prediction of radical radiotherapy outcome for head and neck cancer by Total Lesion Glicolysis (TLG) from 18FDG PET head and neck studies ( (I Castiglioni)
Customer: H S Raffaele Milano
Health Physics Radioprotection services for worker and patient safety (G Russo)