Institute for system analysis and computer science "Antonio Ruberti" (IASI)


The expertise of the researchers of the Institute covers the following fields:

  • Optimization, modeling and algorithms for bioinformatics and Systems Biology (BIOSYS)

    • Biological networks

    • Genomics and protein structures

  • Software and knowledge-based systems (SaKS)

    • Databases

    • Information systems

    • Knowledge bases

    • Logic, semantics and programming

    • Software engineering

  • Mathematical modeling in pathophysiology (FISIOMAT)

    • Metabolism in critical illness

    • Energy metabolism and artificial pancreas

    • Cell replication and epidemics

  • Optimization, discrete mathematics and applications (OPTIMA)

    • Combinatorial optimization and discrete mathematics

    • Mixed-integer programming

    • Continuous optimization

  • Modeling, control and identification of complex systems (MCISCO)

    • Deterministic and stochastic dynamic systems and control theory

    • Systems identification and filtering

    • Signal, speech, and image processing