Plasmonic octagonal quasicrystals for surface enhanced Raman sensing

Surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) on eight-fold quasicrystal arrays with precisely controlled size and spacing fabricated via electron beam lithography was investigated. This SERS substrate shows high efficiency at 785 nm excitation in the detection of p-mercaptoaniline (pMA), and a SERS enhancement factor (EF ) of 107 is achieved. SERS behavior of the realized engineered SERS substrate indicates that the present engineered metamaterial may be used as an ultrasensitive Raman probe and could open up interesting new opportunities in biosensing.

Petti, M. Rippa, R. Capasso, J. Zhou, M. Grazia Maglione, M. Pannico, P. La Manna and P. Musto: Adv. Device Mater., 2015, 1, 47-51