Virtual Reality Lab

Objective of the lab is to work on the Virtual Factory. The digital representation of the factory and manufacturing phases become virtual by using simulation tools and specific applications that makes the representation and the processes dynamic and up-to-date. To project the factory and manufacturing processes simulation and 3-D/virtual Reality models, methods and tools are used.
The group who works under this denomination applies new technology to the manufacturing sector.
Components of the group are:
- developers and technicians who develop virtual environments reaching an innovative way for collaboration among different subjects of the industry or design new products and situations;
- designers who proposed more realistic view of objects and places;
- managers who can take care of the process organization and analyze the process simulation results;
human factors experts who assure the central position of human being in the technology.
Applications from the virtual lab have been in different sectors of the market: from the automotive to the footwear, from the light simulation of big trucks, to the good white components. The applied technologies are different: virtual reality in immersive way, virtual simulation through a simple laptop or augmented reality.
The digital factory is the last realized environment. GIOVE visualizes a manufacturing shop floor, the user can design there the production layout. The Digital Factory allows the factory planning in a real time collaborative way: two or more users can add machines, workers and facilities, move them linking with a specific product. The realistic vision of the shop floor permits to immediately recognize the usability of the reorganized lay out and to easily correct it after a simulation for avoiding production bottlenecks.

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