Ultra-High-Density Magnetic Recording: Storage Materials and Media Designs

Magnetic recording is presently the leading technology for mass data storage. Its dominant role has been reinforced by the success of cloud computing, which requires huge amounts of data to be stored and managed on a multitude of servers. Nonetheless, the hard-disk storage industry is presently at a crossroad as the current magnetic recording technologies are unable to achieve storage densities beyond 1Tbit/in2.
Pushing the recording density to the terabit regime requires new storage materials, novel recording schemes and media designs in order to solve signal-to-noise ratio, thermal stability and writability issues.
In this book, edited by Gaspare Varvaro (CNR - ISM) and Francesca Casoli (CNR - IMEM), worldwide experts from university, public research institutions and industry collaborate to illustrate the most recent advances in magnetic recording from the media perspective and to highlight the future prospects of the technology. Theoretical, experimental and technological aspects are covered in a clear and comprehensive way making the book a reference for final year undergraduates, post-graduates and research professionals in the magnetic recording area.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Fundamentals of Magnetism (P. Allia, G. Barrera)
Chapter 2. Hard Disk Drives: Fundamentals and Perspectives (G. Bertero, G. Guo, S. Dahandeh, A. Krishman)
Chapter 3. Conventional Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Media (H.-S. Jung)
Chapter 4. Energy Assisted Magnetic Recording (E. Gage, K.-Z. Gao, J.-G. Zhu)
Chapter 5. L10-FePt Granular Films for Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording Media (K. Hono, Y.K. Takahashi)
Chapter 6. Exchange-Coupled Composite Media (F. Casoli, L. Nasi, F. Albertini, P. Lupo)
Chapter 7. Bit Patterned Magnetic Recording (D. Makarov, P. Krone, M. Albrecht)
Chapter 8. Magnetic Characterization of Perpendicular Recording Media (G. Varvaro, A.M. Testa, E. Agostinelli, D. Peddis, S. Laureti)
Chapter 9. New Trends in Magnetic Memories (R. Bertacco, M. Cantoni)