Realization of a Loop Heat Pipe Evaporator with geopolymer based wick structures

A heat pipe is a heat transfer device that can exchange large quantities of heat with a very small difference in temperature between the hot and cold interfaces by means of evaporation and condensation of a working fluid. The evaporator is the heart of the device and it contains capillary-porous structures generally based on metals or organic polymers. A possibility to increase the capacity of thermal exchange is through the replacement of conventional materials with ceramic like materials such as geopolymers thank to the fine interconnected porosity, the high thermal inertia and chemistry, the low thermal conductivity. A loop heat pipe (LHP) evaporator containing two concentric geopolymer based wicks was realized and tested. The tailored porosity of the wicks allowed the operation of the LHP.LHP is developed in the frame of PON01_00375 "PANDION - Study of innovative functional Space-subsystems". TRL is 5 (technology validated in relevant environment).