Safety by Design: new approach to face nanomaterials risk management

The experience gained in the field of colloidal science has been fruitfully transferred to the control of nano particles (NPs) confinement and surface chemistry, opening new challenges towards the control of potentially adverse health impact of nanomaterials.
EXPECTED IMPACTS _ Some of the very high impacts expected by the present research are:
o The development of practical and cost effective strategies for reduction of worker exposure to NMs during all stages of NMs production, use and disposal.
o The contribution to the advancement of EU NanoSafety cluster goals and agenda.
o The facilitation of research cohesion and integration in this field at european level.

EU FUNDED PROJECTS _ ISTEC is currently coordinating the FP7 collaborative project: SANOWORK (FP7-280716), focused on the development of "safety by design" strategies to the occupational risk management of nanomaterials and is involved, as WP leader, in the FP7 project SUN (FP7-NMP-2013-LARGE-7-604305), addressing research to safe nano-products and nano-processes. ISTEC-CNR,