Local varieties of cereals and legumes are registered in the national registry.

Last February, the Dip. Agriculture, Rural and Environmental Development, sez. Competitiveness Agri-Food Threads, Puglia region, has officialized the list of local varieties for which the registration process has concluded in the regional register of "Indigenous genetic resources of agricultural, forestry and livestock interest" (DDS No. 48 of 12/02/2020). The list, which is likely to be added in the coming months, includes 69 plant genetic resources and 8 animals. The Institute of Biosciences and BioResources (IBBR-CNR) in Bari contributed to this result by preparing the necessary documentation for the registration of 17 local varieties (9 cereals and 8 legumes) at high risk of extinction. In addition, for 7 of them (4 cereals and 3 legumes) the next step was completed, namely the registration of the national registry (Mipaaf, D.M. 13073 of 17/4/2020). These results are the result of five-year research carried out under the PSR SaVeGraINPuglia project, of which the IBBR has been the leader. In fact, the studies, conducted with a multidisciplinary approach, have highlighted the characteristic traits of these local Puglia varieties useful to differentiate them from modern varieties and similar local varieties grown in other regions.