"Recovery, characterization, preservation and valorisation of leguminous and forage grains in Puglia" (SaVeGraINPuglia), developed by twenty-one participants in the Temporary Association of Purpose (ATS) of which the Institute of Biosciences and BioRiorse of Bari was lead, ended in February of 2018. At the end of a long journey, started in 2013 within the rural development plans of the region Puglia (PSR), on February 6, 2018 was held in Bari at the Mercure Hotel Villa Romanazzi-Carducci, the final meeting of the project. This event was an opportunity to present the results of the activity carried out in the five years of SaVeGraINPuglia by public and private partners all operating within the Apulia region. The investigations carried out have made it possible to rebuild the history and to start a multidisciplinary characterization course of the legumes, cereals and fodder indigenous to the farmers that from north to south of the Apulian territory have tenaciously Keep up to the present day. The results achieved represent the starting point for those who work in the field of research in order to deepen further the knowledge on the local varieties of Puglia, and to direct the institutions in the planning of actions aimed at the protection of This precious heritage. Local communities are given back the history and scientific knowledge associated with what they have been cultivating for some time so that they are increasingly aware of the value of a heritage to be protected and valued as a valuable resource within a model of Sustainable development of its territory.