The Knowledge Map of ICAR, Institute for High Performance Computing and Network of CNR

The Institute for High Performance Computing and Networking (ICAR)
during its first year of activity has produced the following taxonomy of
research topics which represents a sort of Knowledge Map of ICAR:

(A) High Performance Computing and Networking

(A.1) Advanced Architecture and Pervasive Platforms
(A.1.1) Dedicated Processors
(A.1.2) Reflective Middleware for Pervasive Computing
(A.1.3) Multichannel Software Platforms

(A.2) Advanced Environments, Protocols and Technologies for
Computer Networks and INTERNET
(A.2.1) Congestion Control and Active Queue Management
(A.2.2) Protocols and Environments for Active Networks
(A.2.3) Multicast Routing Protocols
(A.2.4) Intelligent Network Management
(A.2.5) Tools and Algorithms for Network Security

(A.3) High-Performance and Grid Computing
(A.3.1) High Performance Software Architectures
(A.3.2) Parallel and Distributed Systems for
Supercomputing Applications
(A.3.3) Programming Models and Environments for High
Performance Grid Computing
(A.3.4) Adaptive and Dynamic Software for Grid-Aware Applications
(A.3.5) Advanced and Grid-Based Multimedia Systems

(A.4) Cooperative Systems and Knowledge Grids
(A.4.1) Data and Knowlegde Services for Grid and
Peer-To-Peer Systems
(A.4.2) Parallel and Distributed Knowledge Discovery
(A.4.3) Problem Solving Environments for Grid and
Peer-To-Peer Systems
(A.4.4) Distributed Agent Systems

(B) Intelligent and Complex Functionality Systems

(B.1) Data and Knowledge Bases
(B.1.1) Data and WEB Mining

(B.1.2) Logic-Based Knowledge Bases
(B.1.3) Knowledge Representation and Ontology Management
(B.1.4) Data Warehouse and Database Integration
(B.1.5) OLAP analysis and Compressed Representation of
Multidimensional Data
(B.1.6) Semi-Structured Data and WEB Databases
(B.1.7) Multimedia Databases

(B.2) Robotics and Artificial Vision
(B.2.1) Hybrid Systems for Knowledge Representation and
(B.2.2) Cooperation Strategies for Multi-Robot Systems
(B.2.3) Perceptive Systems for Robotics
(B.2.4) Algorithms for 3D Vision
(B.2.5) Systems for Attentive Vision
(B.2.6) Neural Network for Artificial Vision

(B.3) Image Analysis and Recognition
(B.3.1) Parallel Algorithms for Image Analysis
(B.3.2) Parallel Algorithms for Pattern Recognition
(B.3.3) Digital Film Restoration
(B.3.4) Parallel Programming Models for Image Analysis
(B.3.5) Applications of Image Analysis

(B.4) Scientific Computing
(B.4.1) Mathematical Software for Technical and Scientific
Applications in Parallel and Distributed Environment
(B.4.2) Scientific Software Libraries
(B.4.3) Methods and Algorithms for Numerical Analysis
(B.4.4) Optimization Methods and Algorithms
(B.4.5) Robust Predictive Control

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