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PRIN2020E3XL47-TARGET-Pietro RUSSO (DCM.AD006.473)

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Scienze chimiche e tecnologie dei materiali

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Chimica e tecnologia dei materiali (DCM.AD006)

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Istituto per i Polimeri, Compositi e Biomateriali (IPCB)

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Telefono: 3388308815


TARGET will systematically study and provide new high performance hybrid joining technologies for innovative green fibre reinforced polymers to metals. The innovative g-FRPs are based on natural fibres and fully recyclable epoxy monomers and naturally-sourced thermoplastic matrices, thus giving a recyclable material. The inherent recyclability of composite materials will be exploited to promote their easy disassembling at the end-of-life, thereby allowing an analysis of the recycling and reuse processes of the composites and the assessment of their environmental impact by LCA approach. The TARGET consortium can additively produce all the g-FRPs and the metalli


The proposal TARGET aims to bridge the gap in joining technologies between different material types by combining additive manufacturing routes for metals and green fibre reinforced composites (g-FRPs) for individualized high-performance lightweight structures. The synergistic integration of mechanical interlocking by Additive Manufacturing (AM) techniques for metal and polymer-based materials will enable the development of high strength, damage tolerant, durable hybrid joining scheme for composite-metal structures.

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Composite materials, Additive manufacturing, Materials engineering

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