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Scienze del sistema Terra e tecnologie per l'ambiente

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Gestione sostenibile ed efficiente delle risorse naturali, degli ecosistemi e della biodiversità (DTA.AD002)

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Istituto di ricerca sulle acque (IRSA)

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Telefono: 033518300


This project aims to fulfil the needs of DIRECTIVE (EU) 2016/2284 on the establishment of national emissions ceilings of certain atmospheric pollutants, linking them to the impacts on ecosystems
To establish a network of monitoring sites that is fully representative of the Italian variety of freshwater, natural and semi-natural habitats and forest ecosystem types, by selecting additional representative forest ecosystems of the mediterranean basin and freshwater sites to cover broader ranges of (i) sensitivity to acidification (based on Acid Neutralizing Capacity) (ii) pressure (pollution loads) and (iii) phytoclimates;
To introduce and test a new set of indicators and develop new monitoring protocols to study the impacts of air pollution on biodiversity (plant functional groups, lichens, selected faunal taxa, macroinvertebrates and diatom assemblages in water bodies) and air pollution chemistry and transparency;
To allow the measurement of pollutant effects in remote areas, that can give the amplitude of background level for comparison with health-related impacts in urban areas;
To discriminate between impacts resulting from pollutant emissions and from other sources (climate c

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