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BlueS MED:Supporting the development of socially-inclusive Blue Challenges in schools in the Mediterranean sea-basin_KA201 (DTA.AD002.649)

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Scienze del sistema Terra e tecnologie per l'ambiente

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Gestione sostenibile ed efficiente delle risorse naturali, degli ecosistemi e della biodiversità (DTA.AD002)

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Istituto di scienze marine (ISMAR)

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Telefono: 0516398932


BlueS_Med aims to develop, test and evaluate innovative approaches to integrate ocean issues and challenges in the CV and educational activities of Mediterranean schools. The project will be implemented in 4 phases: 1) a conception phase on the development of Blue Challenge framework that will guide the development and implementation of Blue Challenges at schools in the following years; 2) the design of Blue Challenges and development of innovative educational tools and material to implement the Blue Challenges; 3) practical implementation of Blue Challenges in the schools, monitoring and evaluation of the Blue School Challenges to assess its impact and added value; 4) synthesis and dissemination of project results to wider audience at the Mediterranean Sea basin scale. The project will deliver five Intellectual Outputs: 1: framework and guidance for the Mediterranean Blue Challenge processes; 2: proposed Blue Challenges for the involved schools; 3: results of monitoring and evaluation of implemented Blue Challenges; 4: knowledge-based tested educational material to insert OL in different school CV; 5: a road map to support the uptake of Blue challenges in Mediterranean schools


To develop, test and evaluate innovative approaches to integrate ocean/marine issues and challenges in the curricula and educational activities of Mediterranean country schools. The project will build on the following principles: (a) co-building - ensuring children/pupils contribute to the co-design of "their" Blue challenge - putting co-responsibility and action at the center of their Blue Challenge; (b) interactive and proactive - making use of all e-tools and social medias to support implementation and peer-to-peer exchanges, while giving the priority to "practical activities" that give a feeling about the ocean and the human-ocean relationships; (c) inclusive - giving special attention to mobilise children from different social groups, to generate gender unbiased questions and to learning about the principle of democracy (discussing, listening, accepting while being still mobilised) when designing and implementing their Blue challenge; (d) sustainable - ensuring the footprint of the project and of the actions proposed under the Blue Challenge of each school is minimised - and that potential environmental and social ancilary benefits are delivered whenever possible and relevant.

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Ocean Literacy,, educazione,, Mediterraneo

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