Progetto di ricerca

SP_ESA-PLP2020 (DTA.AD001.389)

Area tematica

Scienze del sistema Terra e tecnologie per l'ambiente

Area progettuale

Cambiamenti Globali e Cicli biogeochimici: dinamiche, impatti e mitigazione (DTA.AD001)

Struttura responsabile del progetto di ricerca

Istituto di scienze marine (ISMAR)

Responsabile di progetto

Telefono: 0187 1788900


The idea is about creating permanent infrastructure for calibration and validation of remote sensing of floating plastics in the marine environments. The Group has significant experience in creating artificial plastic targets in a variety of sizes, shapes and plastic composition. This is the following of ESA project EO of ML in the Med also referred to as Plastic Litter Project (PLP), i.e.
calibration/validation project for detecting artificial plastic targets on the sea surface using UAV and Sentinel satellite images. It covers the review of the methodologies, the functional analysis, the specifications of the data, experiments and the selection of test sites and
case studies.

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Parole chiave

Marine litter, Remote sensing, floating plastics

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