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Scienze del sistema Terra e tecnologie per l'ambiente

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Gestione sostenibile ed efficiente delle risorse naturali, degli ecosistemi e della biodiversità (DTA.AD002)

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Istituto di scienze marine (ISMAR)

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MAELSTROM strives to provide answers and diversified solutions to the complex question to the removal and sustainable treatment of marine litter legacy. MAELSTROM (i) sets out a multidisciplinary and scientifically sound approach for the assessment of marine debris distribution and impact on marine life in highly valuable ecosystems; (ii) designs and manufactures scalable, replicable and automated technologies, co-powered with renewable energy and second generation fuel, to identify, remove and sort marine litter; (iii) evaluates over time the effectiveness of marine litter removal devices along with their impact on local ecosystems; (iv) integrates different technologies to track, sort and recycle all types of collected marine litter into valuable raw materials ;(v) assesses the economic and societal impact of the MAELSTROM solutions providing also a life-cycle assessment of the technologies and products; (vi) enhances social awareness about the marine litter issue and engages citizens and stakeholders in MAELSTROM activities; (vii) interplays with similar projects to maximize innovation uptake for marine litter removal within and outside the EU.


1. Assessing the effectiveness and impact of ML removal on coastal marine ecosystems
2. ML Removal from seabed and both lower and upper water column
3. Feeding circular economy and sustainability
4. Clustering of blue technologies for joint plastic strategy-oriented efforts
5. Engaging society for ML prevention, removal and circular economy

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Marine Litter, marine plastics, environmental assessment

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