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AdriaClim (DTA.AD001.364)

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Scienze del sistema Terra e tecnologie per l'ambiente

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Cambiamenti Globali e Cicli biogeochimici: dinamiche, impatti e mitigazione (DTA.AD001)

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Istituto di scienze marine (ISMAR)

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The Mediterranean Sea and the Adriatic coastal and marine areas are vulnerable to climate-related risks. The sea surface temperature of the Adriatic Sea will increase of about +1.5/1.6°C in 2050 and sea level will increase of +7 cm with consequent negative impacts on coastal areas and marine ecosystem services. In Italy and Croatia climate monitoring, modelling and adaptation are necessary to face this crucial climate challenge and to turn potential threats into economic opportunities. AdriaClim will develop information able to support the development of regional and local climate change adaptation plans. In particular coastal adaptation planning, for a sustainable blue economy, will be developed based on accurate information on local sea level rise, sea temperature and salinity, coastal erosion, etc. AdriaClim will contribute to fill the gaps (lack of geographical coverage) in observing systems and will enhance and complement the modelling capacity (e.g. Med-CORDEX) by developing high resolution integrated models. AdriaClim will consolidate planning of measures for strengthening the adaptation capacity in Italy and in Croatia also building upon crossborder cooperation.


The main objective of AdriaClim is to improve climate resilience in the cooperation area, by increasing the capacity to develop new climate adaptation plans and update existing ones and develop mitigation strategies based on high resolution, more accurate and reliable climate information (observations and integrated modeling) focussed on the coastal and marine areas (threatened by risks such as sea level rise, sea temperature and salinity anomalies, coastal erosion and salinization of freshwater) and related economic sectors and ecosystem services. AdriaClim aims at developing an Adriatic scale regional plus local scale for each Pilot integrated information systems composed by hydro-meteo-marine climatological databases (model scenarios and observation) and knowledge-based tools (e.g indicators) for advanced dynamical implementation of regional climate adaptation plans relevant and accessible for entire the Programme area and Countries.

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Climate change, Observing and modelling systems, Adaptation Plan

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