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NAUTILOS - New Approach to Underwater Technologies for Innovative, Low-cost Ocean obServation (DIT.AD019.114)

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Ingegneria, ICT e tecnologie per l'energia e i trasporti

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Tecnologie Marittime (DIT.AD019)

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Istituto di scienza e tecnologie dell'informazione "Alessandro Faedo" (ISTI)

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Telefono: +39 050 621 3120


NAUTILOS will fill in existing marine observation and modelling gaps through the development of a new generation of cost-effective sensors and samplers for physical (salinity, temperature), chemical (inorganic carbon, nutrients, oxygen), and biological (phytoplankton, zooplankton, marine mammals) essential ocean variables, in addition to micro-/nano-plastics, to improve our understanding of environmental change and anthropogenic impacts related to aquaculture, fisheries, and marine litter. Newly developed marine technologies will be integrated with different observing platforms and deployed through the use of novel approaches in a broad range of key environmental settings (e.g. from shore to deep-sea deployments) and EU policy-relevant applications: - Fisheries & Aquaculture Observing Systems, - Platforms of Opportunity demonstrations, - Augmented Observing Systems demonstration, - Demonstrations on ARGO Platform, - Animal-borne Instruments. The fundamental aim of the project will be to complement and expand current European observation tools and services, to obtain a collection of data at a much higher spatial resolution and temporal regularity and length than currently available

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essential ocean variables, ocean observations, marine services, exploitation, management, policy, sensors, samplers, fisheries, climate, ecosystems, ocean modeling, data management, microplastics

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