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NEWMEM-Development of anti-wetting and anti-fouling membranes for membrane distillation and membrane crystallizer applications: treatment of RO brine and produced water. (DCM.AD006.255)

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Chimica e tecnologia dei materiali (DCM.AD006)

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Istituto per la tecnologia delle membrane (ITM)

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Over the past few years, innovative membrane processes, as membrane distillation (MD) and membrane crystallizer (MCr), have gained more and more interest. However, one of the main limitations is the membrane availability on the market since they are not specifically designed for these processes. For this reason, the interest of producing membranes with tailored and specific features for these processes and specific application, allowing to reach higher performance and efficiency, still need to be deeply investigated. In this logic, the project aims to develop novel polymeric functionalized/omiphobic membranes for MD and MCr applications. Fluoropolymers polymers, as PVDF, will be used as starting point to fabricate membranes via electrospinning technique. Flat sheet membranes will be prepared utilizing, for example specific PVDF polymers, among the available commercial ones based on the different molecular weight and type. Moreover, non-toxic solvents will be explored as alternative solution to the use of the aprotic toxic solvent commonly used in membrane fabrication. The best membranes will be selected to study their performances in MD and MCr applications for RO brine treatment.


This project aims to optimize production of novel functionalised polymeric hydrophobic/oleophobic membranes using PVDF and other amorphous perfluoro-polymers for membrane distillation (MD) and membrane crystallizer (MCr) applications.
After analysis of the current technological limitations of hydrophobic membranes, the following
objectives are identified:
1. Development of PVDF membranes having a wide range of pore size and narrow pore size distribution. This objective will be achieved by using PVDF polymers having different molecular weights and by using different PVDF concentration in dope solutions.
2. Development of hydrophobic membranes characterized by high resistance to liquid entry pressure (LEP) of water, low fouling tendency, high chemical and thermal stability
3. Development of robust omniphobic membranes characterized by high wetting resistance and high stability in permeability and salt rejection
4. Assessment of the developed omniphobic membranes in the treatment of RO brine and produced water by using DCMD process.
5. Assessment of the developed omniphobic membranes in mineral salts production from salted water.

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polymeric membrane, membrane distillation, water treatment

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