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AIRC-MFAG18535 (DSB.AD006.279)

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Scienze biomediche

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Biologia Molecolare/Cellulare (DSB.AD006)

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Istituto di tecnologie biomediche (ITB)

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Telefono: 03297429357


Pathologists often define irregularity in the nuclear morphology coupled with alterations in heterochromatin higher order
structures as a hallmark of cancer aggressiveness. Although emerging evidence indicate that perturbation of nuclear parameters,
such as high order chromatin structures and nuclear architecture, represent early steps preceding tumour transformation toward
aggressive forms, the molecular mechanisms and the pathways involved in this aberrant cascade of events are not described. The general strategy of our project aims at uncovering the role of nuclear architecture in Prostate Cancer (PCa), from two
different points of view, genome and protein architectures, with the final goal of enlightening about the underlying mechanisms
of PCa progression.

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polycomb, prostate cancer, chromatin

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