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AIRC - IG 2019 Id.23284 (DSB.AD006.272)

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Scienze biomediche

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Biologia Molecolare/Cellulare (DSB.AD006)

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Istituto di tecnologie biomediche (ITB)

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Telefono: +39 0503152776


Cancer cells display genome instability, which is considered a hallmark of tumors. It is thought that errors in pathways involved
in proper chromosome segregation play a key role in the genesis of genome instability. Cohesin is an evolutionarily conserved
four-subunit complex that encircles DNA within its ring-shaped structure. In addition to this canonical role in chromosome
segregation, cohesin is also needed for DNA repair, gene transcription regulation and chromatin architecture. Somatic mutations
in cohesin genes have been described in many human cancers including acute myeloid leukemia, bladder cancer, and colorectal


A hallmark of this proposal is the investigation of molecular mechanisms underlying the involvement of cohesin in cancer using
an interdisciplinary approach. Animal models will be used to investigate the opportunity to down-regulate SMC1A gene as a
therapeutic target against colon cancer; mass spectrometry will be used to generate an interactome atlas of cohesin in cancer
cells; and genome-wide techniques such as RNA-seq and ChIP-seq will be used to identify target genes for components of the
cohesin complex to improve understanding of signaling processes and pathways involved in chromatin-associated cancer

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Cohesin, cancer

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