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SatNEx IV WP4.4 (DIT.AD001.113)

Area tematica

Ingegneria, ICT e tecnologie per l'energia e i trasporti

Area progettuale

Dispositivi e Sistemi ICT (DIT.AD001)

Struttura responsabile del progetto di ricerca

Istituto di scienza e tecnologie dell'informazione "Alessandro Faedo" (ISTI)

Responsabile di progetto

Telefono: +39 050 621 2053


SatNEx IV activities aim to study medium/long term directions of satellite telecommunication systems for any of the commercial or institutional applications that can be considered appealing by key players but still not mature enough for attracting industry or initiating dedicated ESA R&D activities. The key objectives of the SatNex IV Network of Experts can be summarized as: · Early identification, exploration and scientific assessment of promising new R&D avenues for satellite telecom networks for possible injection in ESA's R&D programs; · Detection and preliminary assessment of promising terrestrial telecommunication technology spinin into space telecom applications; · Enhanced cooperation between the European/Canadian industry and research institutions on telecom satellite applied research subjects of common interest. ESA will ensure the transfer of results to European and Canadian industry and international standardisation bodies fostering Intellectual Property (IP) protection when deemed necessary.

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satellite telecommunication systems, satellite applied research

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