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PRIN 2017 - 2017B7MMJ5 - MiFlower - Andrea Sorrentino (DCM.AD006.159)

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Scienze chimiche e tecnologie dei materiali

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Chimica e tecnologia dei materiali (DCM.AD006)

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Istituto per i Polimeri, Compositi e Biomateriali (IPCB)

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Telefono: +390817758805


This project aims to design and develop an active bio-based packaging technology. New multifunctional inorganic carriers will be synthetized to include several active principles within a biodegradable composite material. The inorganic carriers will be characterized by a novel three-dimensional flower-like structure formally obtained by combining natural halloysite nanotubes (HNTs) with layered double hydroxides (LDHs). This particular structure will allow to use a combination of plant extracts, active molecules, physical agents and enzyme. A new bio-based polymer composite will be developed by combining natural polymers with the HNTs@LDH nano-hybrids. The thermal and mechanical properties will be tuned by adding a natural-plasticizing agent chemical bonded to the LDH@HNT carriers. The transport properties for gas and vapors in the composites will be also characterized and optimized. Some types of fresh fruits and vegetables (with a special attention to the regional/local products) will be
packaged in the manufactured objects and analyzed in terms of shelf-life, nutritional quality and safety. The biodegradability and the environmental impact of the objects obtained will be tested.

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organic-inorganic hybrids, drug-food interactions, Food packaging

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