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PRIN 2017 - 2017XJ38A4_006 - Resp. dr. Sandro De Falco: The interaction between human gastric cancer and its microenvironment: A systems evaluation to identify potential regulators of metastatic dissemination (DSB.AD001.138)

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Oncologia e Immunologia (DSB.AD001)

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Istituto di genetica e biofisica "Adriano Buzzati Traverso" (IGB)

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Gastric cancer (GC) is the fourth most common cancer and the second leading cause of cancer death worldwide. GC is a heterogeneous disease in terms of histology, anatomy, and epidemiology. Unfortunately, less than 20% of the newly diagnosed cases are stage I or II, while most patients with GC present with advanced and unresectable disease. The current 5-year survival rate of individuals diagnosed with GC is about 24%. The late diagnosis and the intrinsic resistance to radio- and chemotherapy account for the worst prognosis of GC. There is wide variability in how GC is treated in both the localized and metastatic settings and there is no internationally recognized standard or superior regimen for the management of advanced GC. The primary treatment options for the metastatic forms include best supportive care and chemotherapy.
In order to improve GC treatment and outcome, two main actions should be improved:
1. the comprehension of the main molecular mechanisms governing advanced GC (i.e., cell plasticity, angiogenesis and invasive/metastatic ability) and therefore responsible for GC cells spread from the primary tumor. The crosstalk between the cancer cells and the tumor [...]

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biological bases of cancer, gastroenterology, gastric cancer progression

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