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GR4MS - Integration of clinical and multi-omics multiple sclerosis data into a predictive algorithm of disease activity to accelerate personalized medicine (DSB.AD004.213)

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Scienze biomediche

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Neuroscienze (DSB.AD004)

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Istituto di tecnologie biomediche (ITB)

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Telefono: 0226422614


In the present project we propose an integrated multi-omics approach combining clinical data with genetic variants, transcriptomic signatures and T lymphocyte repertoires to disentangle the biological basis of multiple sclerosis (MS) inflammatory activity and disease severity. We plan to study 220 MS patients with relapsing remitting (RR) disease course, who have been sampled early in the disease course, before any disease modifying treatments (DMTs) start.
The aims of the project are: 1) the identification of clinical, genetic, transcriptomic and immunological biomarkers associated with MS inflammatory activity; 2) the development of a system biology approach, assessing molecular interaction networks and biological pathways in order to outline gene modules associated with clinical outcomes; 3) the combination of the different layers of multi-omics and clinical data into a predictive model of disease activity.

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Sclerosi Multipla, Bioinformatica, Reti di interazione molecolare

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