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Scienze del sistema Terra e tecnologie per l'ambiente

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Cambiamenti Globali e Cicli biogeochimici: dinamiche, impatti e mitigazione (DTA.AD001)

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Istituto di scienze marine (ISMAR)

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Telefono: 0412407922


CHANGE WE CARE fosters concerted and coordinated climate adaptation actions at transboundary level. Exploring climate risks faced by coastal and transition areas, it contributes to a better understanding of the impact of climate variability and change on water regimes, salt intrusion, tourism, biodiversity and agro-ecosystems affecting the cooperation area. The main goal is to deliver integrated, ecosystem-based and shared planning options for different problems related to climate change (CC), together with adaptation measures for vulnerable areas to decision makers and coastal communities who may best benefit from it.
The project also aims at defining a paradigm for transferring successful methods of analysis, development and implementation of adaptation measures from the pilot sites to other systems facing similar problems at the cross-border scale, by harmonising procedures and data standards and bridging knowledge gaps for the final users.
A set of five coastal systems will be considered in order to encompass the broad variability of possible geomorphological and ecological settings, physical drivers, and threats determining coastal vulnerability in the cooperation area.


The overall project objective is to build a dynamic bridge connecting the communities of users (planners, decision-makers and stakeholders) with data and tools aimed at better understand climate vulnerabilities and identify concrete set of adaptive measures able to lower the vulnerability and raise the adaptive capacity to climate change in the cooperation area (Adriatic sea). At the same time, it will advance the capacity of regional and local authorities identifying appropriate measures to address institutional weaknesses (improve the cooperation, identify the responsibility through the Action Plans) and minimize climate change effects (improve the adaptability). CHANGE WE CARE will also improve the resilience to climate change in the cooperation area through integrated and shared planning options tackling physical, geomorphological, ecological, and socio-economic impacts and defining adaptation measures for vulnerable coastal areas.

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Adriatic Sea coastal areas, climate adaptation, procedures and strategies to respond to Climate Change

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