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BASMATI - Cloud Brokerage Across Borders for Mobile Users and Applications (DIT.AD001.054)

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Ingegneria, ICT e tecnologie per l'energia e i trasporti

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Dispositivi e Sistemi ICT (DIT.AD001)

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Istituto di scienza e tecnologie dell'informazione "Alessandro Faedo" (ISTI)

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Telefono: +39 050 621 3074


Clouds and mobile applications have been two key drivers for innovation in the last decade, strengthening industry competitiveness and economic growth. The current technological and social landscape calls for a shift towards the introduction of a hybrid computing paradigm, following the rise and limitations of mobile applications. BASMATI aims at providing a complete ecosystem that integrates cloud federation with mobile devices, while addressing challenges related to resource heterogeneity, ultra-scalable provisioning, offloading, context- and situation identification, quality of service and security guarantees, targeting (crowds of) users accessing their data and applications across borders. BASMATI will provide an integrated brokerage platform targeting federated clouds with heterogeneous resources and supporting the efficient, cost- effective execution of mobile cloud applications in a transparent and ubiquitous manner. Runtime-adaptable federation patterns also considering business aspects, dynamic and runtime-optimized brokerage and offloading decisions will enable fully automated resource exploitation: cloud to cloud, device to federation and device to device.


"The main objectives of BASMATI can be described as follow: Mobile cloud services enablement and portability to exploit brokerage and offloading to cloud federations and / or other devices (i.e. device-to-device) based on application typology. Situational knowledge acquisition and mobility patterns understanding providing the ground for real-time adaptations of federation and brokerage decisions. Development, deployment and configuration of abstracted and integrated federated cloud environments based on multi-objective optimized federation logic. Dynamic brokerage for placement and offloading through runtime adaptable deployment patterns of the brokerage platform. Ultra-scalable hybrid infrastructure management for mobile heterogeneous resources and cloud federations. Multi-provider and multi-tenancy functional and non-functional guarantees for mobile cloud services. Effectiveness of BASMATI outcomes validated and communicated through three real-world scenarios from different application domains. Exploitation, effectiveness and standardisation of BASMATI outcomes through tangible identified plans for a wide set of BASMATI technologies.

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Cloud Brokering, Cloud Federation, Mobile Cloud

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