Istituto per i processi chimico-fisici (IPCF)


Research activities carried on at IPCF are intrinsically inter-disciplinary, spanning chemical, physical, life science topics, and their interrelation with key assets for materials, energy, cultural heritage, health, and environment. Different areas in soft and condensed matter are covered:

- Life Science, for isolation, reconstitution and investigation of biomaterials for energy conversion, molecular recognition and tissue interaction;
- Materials science, for synthesis of nanostructured materials, both inorganic and organic, 2D materials, and their manipulation and self-organization for optoelectronic, biomedical, energy, and environmental applications;
- Design and optical characterization of nanoaggregates, interfaces, and hybrid systems of photochemical interest, for sustainable energy generation and catalysis;
- Physico-chemical characterization of thermal, electrical, and optical properties of materials and systems of interest, by dedicated development of advanced analytical tools and methodology with ultrahigh sensitivity;
- Environmental acoustics for the evaluation of environmental noise exposure from anthropogenic sources, for comparisons with normative limits or for health-effects evaluations, acoustic modelling of transport infrastructures, wind farms, industries, strategic planning of innovative mitigation solutions, acoustic beamforming;
- Multi-scale computational modelling of molecules, supramolecular systems, and hybrid interfaces for applications in medicine, (bio-)optoelectronics, and catalysis.