by Fabrizio Tuzi (Director of the Institute)

In Italy, spending on Research and development (R&D) relative to GDP is recovering slightly, going from 1.0% in 2000 to around 1.4% in 2016. However, the Country still remains at the bottom of the European ranking.
These numbers have been revealed by the "Rapporto sulla Ricerca e Innovazione in Italia" (Report on Research and Innovation in Italy) edited by the National Research Council. The Report, second edition, has been presented in Rome, the last 15th October, at the presence of the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, the Minister of Education, university and scientific research, Lorenzo Fioramonti.
Fabrizio Tuzi, Director of ISSIRFA, together with Daniele Archibugi, Director of IRPPS, has supervised this second edition which is composed of four chapters dedicated to : (1) The Italian participation to European Frameworks Programs; (2) An analysis of strong and weak scientific fields of the academic research in Italy; (3) The demographic structure of Italian researchers; (4) The public demand of innovation, written by Andrea Filippetti, Raffaele Spallone and Fabrizio Tuzi (ISSIRFA), that investigates to what extent the public procurement generates new R&D and innovation in the Country.

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