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The scientific production of Corrado Spinella consists of more than 250 papers in JCR journals (h-index = 32). His research activity is focused on materials science and technology for microelectronics and optoelectronics applications. A common feature characterizing all his scientific work is the investigation of the fundamental properties of materials and the finalization of results to concrete technological advances, through collaborations with the Microelectronics Industry.The research activities promoted by Corrado Spinella covers the following main subjects: i) silicon doping with rare earth elements for silicon-based optoelectronics; ii) science and technology of silicon carbide for applications in the field of radio frequency and / or power electronics; iii) front-end processes in the ultra large scale integration (ULSI) silicon technology (ion implantation and defect engineering in shallow junctions, laser annealing, electrical breakdown in ultra-thin oxides, development of techniques for the two-dimensional delineation of dopant species in silicon, synthesis and characterization of refractory metals silicides, ...). Thanks to the innovative methodologies based on Energy Filtered Transmission Electron Microscopy (EFTEM) he has achieved important advances in understanding the phase silicon / silicon dioxide separation process in sub-stoichiometric oxide layers, responsible for the nucleation of silicon nanoclusters. The properties of such nanostructures are of great interest in the Si-based photonics or in nanoelectronics applications devoted to the non-volatile information storage (nanocrystals memories). In the field nanoelectronics also important are his advances on understanding the crystallization and amorphization mechanisms in chalcogenide materials (phase change memory devices), on the development of nano-ion implantation mask-less processes for localized doping, and on the implementation of epitaxial growth processes of graphene on silicon carbide. Corrado Spinella is Head of the Italian Micro- Nanosystems Technological District, has been Director of the Institute of Microelectronics and Microsystems, coordinator of the CNR involvement in the ESFRI large scale facilities, and is presently Head of the Department of Physical Science and Technologies of Matter of the National Research Council of Italy.