Research project

DIGICAMP- Digital Education Readiness and Collaborative Virtual Environment for Math, Informatics and Physics education (DUS.AD007.174)

Thematic area

Social sciences and humanities, cultural heritage

Project area

Innovazione tecnologica e metodologica a supporto dei processi di insegnamento e apprendimento (DUS.AD007)

Structure responsible for the research project

Institute for educational technology (ITD)

Project manager

Phone number: 0916809611


The concept of the DigiCAMP project is to contribute to the elimination of the negative aspects of distance education, as have been found during the COVID-19
experiences at primary and secondary schools. Via active engagment of stakeholders and publishing the User Guide for
Teachers for online education the DigiCAMP project provides a solution that will help the teacher to better organized their
online education activities. Besides, using virtual reality and the 3D virtual world as a learning environment will enable the
teacher to conduct distance learning - in virtual reality - but at the same time to be in direct contact with their pupils as if
they were in their classroom. A significant advantage is the potential of digital technologies for an interesting form of
knowledge presentation. In this spirit, the project aims to develop a virtual learning environment focusing on the domains
that usually represent "scary subjects" - mathematics, informatics, and physics.

Start date of activity



distance learning, virtual learning environment, y 3D virtual reality educational environment

Last update: 04/06/2023