Research project

e-BIOCHAR (DCM.AD005.068)

Thematic area

Chemical sciences and materials technology

Project area

Chimica e materiali per le energie rinnovabili (DCM.AD005)

Structure responsible for the research project

Istituto di Scienze e Tecnologie Chimiche "Giulio Natta" (SCITEC)

Other structures collaborating in the research project

Project manager

Phone number: 0250995632


Here, we propose the study of electroactive-biocharcoal (e-biochar), as multidisciplinary research field aimed at understanding and enhancing the electroactive properties of such materials. Our focus will be the overall materials production chain and the potential application as base for large-scale bioelectrodes, to be used in wastewater treatment towards nutrients recovery (microbial recycling cells). The use of e-Biochar, as well as the spent bioelectrodes (after their operational life), as amendment in agricultural soils, opens the possibility to study how electroactive properties might favor soil fertility and biogeochemical cycles (e-fertilization).

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biochar, caratterizzazione, bio-elettrodi

Last update: 10/12/2023