Research project

Tecnologie per la sostenibilità ambientale nel settore HVAC&R e nella Catena del Freddo - ENOUGH (DIT.AD017.144)

Thematic area

Engineering, ICT and technologies for energy and transportation

Project area

Tecnologie energetiche a basse emissioni (DIT.AD017)

Structure responsible for the research project

Construction technologies institute (ITC)

Project manager

Phone number: 049-8295730


The ENOUGH project will provide technologies, tools and methods to contribute to the EU Farm to Fork strategy to
achieve climate neutral food businesses. The ENOUGH objectives are: i) Reducing GHG-emissions by at least 50%
by 2050 ii) Reducing energy use and increasing energy efficiency by 2030. iii) Increasing the overall sustainability
of food systems iv) Providing selected innovative technological systemic solutions and their potential for uptake
at EU. The partnership draws together 29 partners from 11 EU nations and the UK with expertise across the whole
food chain. The ENOUGH project is constructed around 9 work packages (WP): WP1 will identify 1990 and 2020
baselines for GHG emissions and will then forecast how emissions will change moving forward to 2030 and 2050.
In WP2, we will identify what are the energy efficient measures and new technologies that are vital to achieve the
maximum reductions in emissions. In WP4 we will use all the information and models from WP1 and 2 to develop
a web-based tool that will identify the benefits of thermal integration heating and cooling and provide information
on potential global emission reductions across the whole food chain. In WP5,



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thermal processes, GHG emissions, food transport

Last update: 03/03/2024