Research project

SCoRE - Smart Control of the Climate Resilience in European Coastal Cities (Resp. L. BALDINI) (DTA.AD004.384)

Thematic area

Earth system science and environmental technologies

Project area

Osservazione della Terra (DTA.AD004)

Structure responsible for the research project

Institute of atmospheric sciences and climate (ISAC)

Project manager

Phone number: +39 06 4993 4325


The intensification of extreme weather events, coastal erosion and sea-level rise are major challenges to be urgently addressed by European coastal cities. The science behind these disruptive phenomena is complex, and advancing climate resilience requires progress in data acquisition, forecasting, and understanding of the potential risks and impacts for realscenario interventions. The Ecosystem-Based Approach (EBA) supported by smart technologies has potential to increase climate resilience of European coastal cities; however, it is not yet adequately understood and coordinated at European level. SCORE outlines a co-creation strategy, developed via a network of 10 coastal city 'living labs' (CCLLs), to rapidly, equitably and sustainably enhance coastal city climate resilience through EBAs and sophisticated digital technologies. SCORE will establish an integrated coastal zone management framework for strengthening EBA and smart coastal city policies, creating European leadership in coastal city climate change adaptation in line with The Paris Agreement. The Coastal City Living Lab (CCLL) is a new concept that expands the Living Lab approach to coastal cities and settlements.


CCLLs will be set up to address specific climate challenges, and their effectiveness will be assessed by different
stakeholders through innovative monitoring systems and cutting-edge modelling approaches. SCORE will develop CCLLs in
a network of 10 cities which learn from each other in different frontrunner and follower roles. SCORE will involve citizen
science in providing prototype coastal city early-warning systems and will enable smart, instant monitoring and control of
climate resilience in European coastal cities through open, accessible spatial 'digital twin' tools. SCORE will provide
innovative platforms to empower stakeholders' deployment of EBAs to increase climate resilience, business opportunities
and financial sustainability of coastal cities.

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smart control, Climate Resilince, European Coastal Cities

Last update: 07/12/2023