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Two-orbital quantum many-body systems: from Kondo dynamics to mediated interactions - OrbiDynaMIQs (DFM.AD002.134)

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Physical sciences and technologies of matter

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Scienze e tecnologie quantistiche (DFM.AD002)

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National Institute of Optics (INO)

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Phone number: 0554572473


The interaction between localized spins and mobile fermions underlies the transport properties of a large variety of highly correlated materials. Even a single localized spin impurity can dramatically influence the motion of many fermions in its surroundings, giving rise to one of the most remarkable phenomena in quantum many-body physics - the Kondo effect. For a finite density of localized spins, the Kondo effect competes with non-local fermion-mediated Ruderman-Kittel-Kasuya-Yosida (RKKY) interactions, providing the driving force for many intriguing phenomena such as the unconventional superconductivity and the quantum critical behavior of heavy-fermion compounds. Despite decades of investigations, fundamental issues remain concerning the dynamical and spatial properties of the Kondo effect, that are difficult to tackle in electron systems. Further, a detailed understanding of the transition between the single-impurity Kondo problem and a system of interacting impurities is still missing. In OrbiDynaMIQs, I will develop a novel experimental platform for addressing such open questions. Leveraging on recent progress in manipulating single atoms with optical tweezers.



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Quantum dynamics, Kondo physics

Last update: 14/07/2024