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Engineering, ICT and technologies for energy and transportation

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CyberSecurity (DIT.AD006)

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Institute for informatics and telematics (IIT)

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Phone number: 0503158295


SIFIS-Home aims at providing a secure-by-design and consistent software framework for improving resilience of
Interconnected Smart Home Systems at all stack levels. To this end, the framework enables the development of
security, privacy aware and accountable applications, algorithms and services, and makes it possible to detect and
dynamically react to cyber-attacks and intrusion attempts or violation of user-defined policies, thus increasing control
and trust of Smart Home end users.
Smart Home is an emerging application paradigm which has been gaining increasing popularity. Most recently, the
Internet of Things (IoT) has been fostering a vision of Smart Home systems, where users can install connectable
(smart) devices and appliances that cooperate to automatically manage home services and functionalities. This
emerging market is rapidly attracting software developers to produce novel applications and services, to provide
additional Smart Home functionalities. However, noticeable barriers and concerns are still present, mainly related
to cyber-security and safety within Smart Home systems, as well as to the privacy and integrity of produced and
consumed data

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Information Security, Cybersecurity, IT Security

Last update: 11/12/2023