Research project

CriLiN An Atomic Quantum Simulator with long-range, multi-body interactions (DFM.AD002.112)

Thematic area

Physical sciences and technologies of matter

Project area

Scienze e tecnologie quantistiche (DFM.AD002)

Structure responsible for the research project

National Institute of Optics (INO)

Project manager

Phone number: 0554572474


Ultracold atomic gases have emerged as ideal quantum simulators, enabling experimentalists to accurately study the interplay between the properties of a quantum many-body system and the interactions between its constituents. However, an atomic quantum simulator able to address both phenomena of exotic superfluidity and itinerant ferromagnetism still awaits experimental demonstration. In CriLiN I will develop and test a new Atomic Quantum Simulator of unequal-mass spin-1/2 fermions with long-range, multi-body resonant interactions. I will exploit a novel 6Li-53Cr Fermi mixture which, thanks to its special mass ratio of M/m=8.8, exhibits unique few-body properties that strongly favor the many-body phases of our interest. Indeed, on the "molecular side" of an interspecies Feshbach resonance, the Cr-Li system supports a real (virtual) stable universal trimer (tetramer) state, while benefiting from quantum-interference induced suppression of inelastic processes. This setup will allow us to resonantly tune multi-body, long-range p-wave interactions, to investigate Stoner model of itinerant ferromagnetism, and to attain elusive regimes or topologically non-trivial p-wave superfluids.

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Ultracold, mass-imbalance, p-wave

Last update: 08/12/2023