Research project

CHALLENGES - Real time nano CHAracterization reLatEd techNloGiEeS (DFM.AD006.194)

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Physical sciences and technologies of matter

Project area

Infrastrutture di ricerca , strumentazione avanzata e nuove metodologie sperimentali e di calcolo (DFM.AD006)

Structure responsible for the research project

Institute for microelectronics and microsystems (IMM)

Project manager

Phone number: 051639


The project Real-time nano-CHAracterization reLatEd techNoloGiEeS - CHALLENGES - aims to develop innovative Non-Destructive Techniques (NDTs) for reliable inline multiscale measurements down to the nanoscale, and fully compatible with different factory environments. The developed metrology technologies will enable the increase of speed, resolution, sensitivity, spectral range and compatibility within different nano-related production environments, finally improving products performance, quality and reliability, with the consequent bosting of competitiveness. The CHALLENGES's innovation will be developed exploiting the plasmonic enhancement of optical signals. It will provide a non-destructive approach based on the use of multipurpose nano-optical techniques to enable a reliable real-time nano-scale characterization in the factory floor, using plasmonic enhanced Raman, InfraRed (IR) and Photoluminescence signals.


CHALLENGES main objective is to develop multipurpose nano-optical techniques and metrological protocols for real-time characterization, using plasmonic enhanced Raman, IR and PL signals, capable to enable an increase of speed, sensitivity, spectral range with full cleanroom compatibility within different production environments, to improve devices performance, quality and reliability. CHALLENGES will focus on development and demonstration of such technology on three relevant application contexts: Semiconductor Industry, Si Photovoltaics and 2D Materials. Overall, the envisaged results are expected to be applicable to many other industrial fields in which the materials control at the nanoscale is required, spanning from those others electronics-related (DRAM, non-volatile memory, MEMS) to those one materials science (additive manufacturing, nanocoatings) and life sciences (implants, softmatter apps) related.

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real time, not destructive, characteriation

Last update: 09/12/2023