Research project

FIVE2D - Five challenges towards based on 2D materials - PRIN2017:2017SRYEJH- Luca Sementa (DCM.AD008.041)

Thematic area

Chemical sciences and materials technology

Project area

Modelling computazionale (DCM.AD008)

Structure responsible for the research project

Institute for chemical and physical processes (IPCF)

Project manager

Phone number: 0503152263


The goal of the FIVE2D project is to definitively assess and contribute to maximize the potential of integrated digital electronics based on two-dimensional materials as a candidate technology to sustain the continuous increase in performance and transistor density popularized as Moore's law.We articulate the main goal in five challenging objectives:1.Identify promising options for metal-2DMs contacts in terms of the lowest achievable contact resistance 2.Understand the origin and the nature of traps in MoS2 and other 2DMs with experiments and modelling.3. Understand the cause of experimental mobility degradation with respect to theory of TMDs such as MoS2.4.Identify promising FET structures with high ION/IOFF ratio at VDD lower than 0.5 V, using ferroelectric gate stack or energy filtering.5.Derive a new performance/total power optimized tradeoff suitable for FETs with 2DMs operating at low VDD and identify the most promising FET structure in terms of system performance.A consortium of six highly qualified and renowned research groups in semiconductor devices and materials science will carry out the project,with complementary simulation and experimental characterization approaches


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Last update: 09/12/2023