Research project

Copernicus Evolution - Research for Transitional-water Observation_CERTO (DTA.AD004.282)

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Earth system science and environmental technologies

Project area

Osservazione della Terra (DTA.AD004)

Structure responsible for the research project

Marine science institute (ISMAR)

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Phone number: +390649934346


Water quality is a key worldwide issue relevant to food production, industry, nature and recreation. Recognising its
importance, Copernicus has satellite data and services to provide water quality data and information to end-users in industry,
policy, monitoring agencies and science. However, water quality data production is split across three services, Copernicus
Marine, Climate Change, and Land, with different methods used, while transitional waters are not supported by any service.
CERTO will address these issues by undertaking R&D necessary to produce harmonised water quality data from each
Copernicus service and extend support to the large communities operating in transitional waters. CERTO will focus on:
methods to classify waters, using satellite observations, together with existing and new in situ data; improvements to remove
the atmospheric signal, particularly problematic in near-coastal and transitional waters; and evaluating cross-cutting optical
water quality Indicators, that may be used across coasts, transitional and inland waters (monitored through WFD and



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Last update: 03/12/2023