Research project

PRIN 2017 - PRIN2017L3P38 Paola Paci - Regulation of gene expression in grapevine: analysis of genetic and epigenetic determinants (DIT.AD010.039)

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Engineering, ICT and technologies for energy and transportation

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Biotecnologie (DIT.AD010)

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Institute for system analysis and computer science "Antonio Ruberti" (IASI)

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Phone number: 0649937132


The development of genome editing makes it easier to intervene in a targeted manner on genes to either modify their product or their expression pattern. A large fraction of phenotypic variation appears to be determined by regulatory rather than coding variation and understanding how gene expression is controlled becomes a prerequisite for the exploitation of the full potential of editing techniques. In plants relatively little is known about where regulatory regions reside, where variants affecting gene regulation are located and how the large fraction of the genome explained by transposable elements (TEs) is involved in gene regulation. We will analyse in depth the grapevine genome to search for putative regulatory regions and cis-regulatory variants with a range of wet lab and bioinformatic approaches that will use biochemical, evolutionary and genetic data to look at both genetic and epigenetic factors involved in gene regulation. Grapevine has a relatively small (500 Mbp) genome that is quite rich in TEs and highly variable both at the SNP as well as at the structural level (mainly as a consequence of TE activity) allowing the exploitation of allele specific analysis in highly

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epigenetics and gene regulation, transcriptomics, computational biology

Last update: 03/12/2023