Research project

QuantERA - Call 2019 (DFM.AD002.098)

Thematic area

Physical sciences and technologies of matter

Project area

Scienze e tecnologie quantistiche (DFM.AD002)

Structure responsible for the research project

Department Physical sciences and technologies of matter

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Phone number: 0552055436


QuantERA ERA-NET Cofund in Quantum Technologies is a consortium of national/regional funding organisations in Europe supporting research in Quantum Technologies. QuantERA is supported by the European Union's Future and Emerging Technologies programme (FET).
The funding organisations of QuantERA jointly support European multilateral research projects with the potential to initiate or foster new lines of quantum technologies through collaborations exploring advanced multidisciplinary science and/or cutting-edge engineering


Through this instrument, the national/regional funding organisations of the QuantERA consortium contribute to the Quantum Flagship agenda. By launching joint European calls for research projects, they can support more diverse research communities, who are able to tackle the most challenging and novel research directions.
QuantERA projects should be of a FET-like nature and contribute to the development of the European research and innovation in Quantum Technologies. The transformative research done in QuantERA should explore collaborative advanced interdisciplinary science and/or cutting-edge engineering with the potential to initiate or foster new lines of quantum technologies and help Europe grasp leadership early on in promising future technology areas. To spread research excellence throughout Europe, QuantERA projects are encouraged to include partners from the widening countries participating in the call: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Turkey. To build leading innovation capacity across Europe and connect with industry, QuantERA projects are encouraged to involve key actors

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Quantum technologies, quantum communication, quantum simulation

Last update: 03/03/2024