Research project

EXPLICS Towards a physical realization of explosive phenomena in interacting complex systems (DFM.AD004.213)

Thematic area

Physical sciences and technologies of matter

Project area

Sistemi e materiali complessi, materia soffice, biofisica e reti (DFM.AD004)

Structure responsible for the research project

Institutes for complex systems (ISC)

Project manager

Phone number: 055 5226620


The aim is to create a thorough theoretical formalism capable of describing interdependent interactions among different complex systems. We will generalize the framework of dependency interactions from percolation-based processes to other physically realizable processes, like dynamical processes or magnetoresistance transport. By exploring the collective properties of these systems, we will get insights into their universality classes and critical behaviours. Starting from simple mean-field theories, we will build more elaborated models describing interdependent couplings on a microscopic level, which will lead us to understand the physical mechanisms underlying these interactions. Notably, with modelling dependencies by means of the local magnetization in interdependent spin systems and by heat transfer in interdependent resistor networks, we will give (and receive) relevant inputs to (and from) the second task of this project, shedding lights on how to set up the experiments on granular materials.

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Last update: 23/07/2024