Research project

Sviluppo di materiali e dispositivi avanzati per la nanoelettronica (DFM.AD003.289)

Thematic area

Physical sciences and technologies of matter

Project area

Materiali innovativi (DFM.AD003)

Structure responsible for the research project

Institute for microelectronics and microsystems (IMM)

Project manager

Phone number: 0396035977


The overall objective of the project is to provide European industry and manufacturing with urgently needed, trusted measurement capability and standards for 3D-resolved chemical composition and interfacial material properties.
"Faster", "smarter" and "cheaper" demands from consumers are driving innovation in high value-added manufacturing [1]. To achieve this, industry is increasingly using 3D architectures, additive manufacturing and a rapidly expanding library of materials. This is equally the case for devices based on organic materials, such as smart optical films and advanced coatings, as it is for inorganic nano-layered, high-density 3D-devices. In many technologies, e.g. sensors and semiconductors, the interface between organic and inorganic materials causes severe measurement issues. This creates an urgent need for beyond state-of-the-art capabilities to measure chemical composition and interfacial properties with 3D-spatial resolution.

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metrology, surface analysis, SIMS

Last update: 02/06/2023